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CRYSTAL-FAN APPLICATOR - 1 1. Prepare the plier, tweezers, rivet holder and lower tool in the desired sizes
CRYSTAL-FAN APPLICATOR - 2 2. The lower die is placed and tightened
CRYSTAL-FAN APPLICATOR - 3 3. The Rivet holder of the desired size is attached and screwed pure
CRYSTAL-FAN APPLICATOR - 4 4. With minimal pressure, you can push the Chaton rivet with the crystal side up into the rivet holder by hand or with the enclosed tweezers.
CRYSTAL-FAN APPLICATOR - 5 5. Place the back part on the lower tool. Make sure the back part is on the right side as shown in the picture.
CRYSTAL-FAN APPLICATOR - 6 6. Now place the product to be decorated on the lower die. Press the pinch of the plier together to apply the Chaton rivet to the material (in solid materials such as leather make before a hole with a pair of pliers). If the button will not solve immediately from the rivet holder, try to separate the two pieces with reasonable force.